QUICKREPAIRS POOL SOLUTIONS as owner operated business provides & offers

  • Pool maintenance and pool supplies (including chemicals, pumps, filters,equipment,spare parts and more).
  • Quick and quality service, at minimum cost.
  • Obligation free quotes on cleaning swimming pools and supplies*.
  • Pre-purchase inspections and reports on swimming pools for new home buyers.



As a pool or spa owner it's important that you constantly maintain the health of your pool's water through correct pool water sanitation.
Left unbalanced, pool water may eventually dissolve your pool plumbing and equipment, and cause scale formation.

The four factors that contribute to perfect water balance are Total Alkalinity, PH, Calcium Hardness and Temperature.
Swimming pool maintenance and preventative action is the key to a long and healthy pool life.

Some people use QUICKREPAIRS POOL SOLUTIONS for quick fixes. The pool has gone green or a dust storm has come through. Equipment has failed or is starting to wear. Pool owners want all in order before a dip or a pool party. An expert can fix all that stuff quickly and affordable.

Most people use QUICKREPAIRS POOL SOLUTIONS to service their pool regularly. Cleaning and balancing, maintaining the equipment, and making sure that the water stays healthy. It's convenient, affordable and absolutely expert.

It's impossible for an untrained person, using a standard test kit, to get water the way it should be. QUICKREPAIRS POOL SOLUTIONS uses WaterLink Spin, a professional water analysis system linked to a laptop computer to achieve healthy water providing a joy to swim in. All pools are balanced in accordance.

*Availability of obligation free quotes can vary based on geographical location.